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Astqubla your guests dressed in the process of Learn etiquette elegance

Do you have a strong sense in choosing your clothes? Experts point fashion to receive your guests come in the box etiquette to wear clothes, it's OK that you're comfortable in your clothes, but you must take into account the appropriate receiver and the extent of your relationship with the guests, Do not be simple too if you received a close friend Trenha a lot, or stilted in style, if connects you with the guests was a formal relationship, in both cases you give visitors the wrong message about your interest in it, but being stylish to the extent appropriate and adequate for each receiver, or a visit.

And advise the experts according to the newspaper "Times" that there should be the jeans a piece of core in the wheel of your clothes, because it is practical, comfortable and long lasting, in addition to this does not deny that some trousers elegant also fashion, here's you some styles trousers popular this season .. You can wear it at home to receive relatives and friends.

Pants the first knife blue washed and wrinkled cloth, a low waist and has a crack on the knee, these pants seem a youth too, and like it in the story trousers else but color darker tends to blackness, pants second color Cretaceous Oppe Ngdhanat Also, despite the simplicity of the pants, it looks elegant.

New Bags

You may have an opinion or impression of the plastic bags that they look cheap or elegant, but a group bags Ferla plastic will own you like, Voloanha very special does not deny that the design simple pretty well, colors similar to colors of candy such as red light and pink, green and blue, there are also bags transparent for Women or boys that want to show the things that carry in her purse.

If you want a piece of accessories may be the final aesthetic touch to your look or the most obvious piece, it will certainly be one of the Ferla group bags.

Different accessories

 Avi accessories "for women who like to draw attention to it, but not with accessories fond of large, single color or classic.

It is noteworthy that each piece hand-made ​​in Brazil using the wires of gold beads and bright colors, bright accessories to be the result of the utmost femininity.


 Yves Saint Laurent, icon of fashion icons, and all have produced a wonderful and perfect for sure. Stephanie Balaty knows this and tries to be creative and always innovative, but classical is the permanent entrance. He says he used elements from the archives of the house, but he developed and others to look modern.

Laurent group of very special summer, but faithful to the traditional character, so it looked elegant and beautiful, but without a glimpse of the modern. Nakecat was mild and beautiful, but it covered some of the few pieces in full.
What distinguished this group is really ties the head, which she wore all the models.

A touch of spring to your shoes

When it meets in the design of the two methods is very likely that the result is a distinctive and exceptional. This is exactly what happened when he asked Chris Benz Alejandro Angelmo to design shoes for his upscale label. Angelmo said during the ceremony, view the collection «Weare different .. Privacy is in design combined with my style in the design of exciting footwear ».

Indeed, does not look like shoes Shoes Angelmo because they contain fabrics and carvings of roses. In total the group seem exhilarating and bears the imprint of a private

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