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Black Night Witch and fuchsia to attract men

The universe around us is full of many colors, is it possible to affect the way we think and the path of our lives, what is appropriate for children and adults, and what is the appropriate color to calm the nerves and creativity, many questions raised by the program "Good Day" on satellite "Nile Live" with Natalie Samir specialized towers and the social sciences.
I spoke Samir on the impact of color on mood, health and way of thinking, along with the power of color from the other lies in its influence on the passions and feelings, pointing out in her speech that the human eye that absorb light and convert it to another form of energy being able to see color, and this energy is affecting even the people who are blind and visually impaired people and also their feelings, working light energy to stimulate the pituitary gland that regulate the secretion of hormones and affect the physiological organs in the body.

She said in her speech that the color red stimulates the body and Adfih and increases heart rate and activity waveform in the brain and respiratory rate, so you are advised to mothers using the red shining continuously to stimulate the brains of their children, and pink or pink with a calming effect and Rakhi of the muscles, which explains its use at the entrance to the prison centers, hospitals, addiction, and the color orange is suitable for those who suffer from thin sick, because it raises appetite, reduces tiredness and fatigue, while obese people believe they accursed practice systems to avoid this color as much as possible

While the color yellow is a tonic for the memory and works to raise blood pressure and pulse rate, but not as his red, and reflects the green of spring and new beginnings, and gives a sense of calm and comfort, participation, and hope, and has a calming effect, housing, Rakhi on the body and mind, and helps people excessive in weight, because it helps to control feelings of stress and anxiety caused by self-denial of food and the desire to control eating.
It is worth mentioning that the blue color of the calming of muscles and Rakhi and dilute the tension, expressed in a happy and pleasant dreams, and lowers blood pressure and heart rate and respiratory rate may have an effect cooler in hot weather and humid.

 Children and colors

Have addressed Samir talking semantics colors in children and what it means to them, explained his choice of the color red more than once in the drawing, for example, demonstrates the vitality of the redundant and neurological and reveals the benefits of potency and a tendency to hostile and sensuality, and the excessive use of Fidel on the child's need to vent their frustration emotional being experienced.
The yellow color Fidel on its ability to interact with others, and the extent of openness and excessive use indicates his desire to be free from internal pressure, and green reveals how much a child of the same and appreciation for others the green light indicates his desire to the other, while revealing his tendency to color oil CSS for printing

 And demonstrates the use of blue repeatedly reprinted sensitive and seeking to accommodate the needs of others, it is a coherent emotionally peaceful harmony with his wishes, but he exaggerates sometimes in urgency, or neglect to show the coolness and indifference, and the tendency to violet, which is a combination of red and blue, exposing the contradictory feelings overwhelmed, it wished to communicate with the other to come back and involve the same, it is a mass of contradictory desires that reflect the concern of internal affect the emotional decisions.
While the orange shows the willingness of the child to succeed and passion for life and openness to the other, while the exaggerated preference for the color is evidence of internal disturbance and a tendency to draw attention, but the tendencies of the child are less aggressive fan of red, and brown symbolizes the color of the earth, and reveals the desires of accompanied by primitive, and his desire to reach safety across his return to the roots, it is difficult for a child that suffers difficulty in communicating feelings to others.

The color black symbolizes sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, and reflects the tendency of the child his rejection of reality, he is indignant at the community, wants to keep away from him, as a symbol of a mile philosophical with his fans in the analysis of relationships with others, and indicates gray situation rejection of caution and discretion in the emotions, lovers of this color is suffering from difficulty in expressing their feelings and translated.

The white space in the case of drawing the child to a particular form, it demonstrates the tendency of convergence, and have no desire to dream and lack of communication and refused to reality, and shows repression is emotionally experienced by the child is grown inside a struggle, and usually lacks desires to form clear, and it suffers a deficit in the translation of emotions.

 Colors in the marriage

And the impact of color in married life indicated Samir that each color is particularly significant for women and men, for example, black color of the check, is characterized by sophistication and is considered by designers of fashion, "the king of fashion and evening," so it is granulated be worn when you invite a man to his wife to dinner or to spend the evening in different between them, this color makes them feel that it is "oriented towards the Queen" in front of him

 And green for a woman to wear when you feel tired nerves and anxiety, or in case of quarrelsbetween them and her husband, it relieves this tension and reduces unit fatigue-General of theassociation with nature, while the color fuchsia or pink is the color of strong influence on men, because it strengthens the feelings between spouses and increases the emotional attachment is the color of exciting the attention of the catalyst for the strong feelings, and recommended thatwomen wear when you want to attract the attention of her husband.
The seminar concluded to provide advice for every woman to wear gray avoid it, because it is a cool color and increases the cooling between the couple, and to overcome it must concernfirearms color to attract the attention of the husband and moving the


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