السبت، 13 أغسطس 2011

Bold lines and vibrant colors

Characterized by young fashion elegance of a particular kind, leads the casual wishes of the girls twenties, still is a favorite, so we find that the fashion winter of 2009 -2010 was characterized by the diversity of colors, although the top of the black and gray during the fashion world, and in the end the choice is for you and your taste while choosing clothes.

This season, sits the black color on the throne of fashion winter of 2010, adds depth to all the costumes and colors, so you can add a new piece in black and fashions to suit lines of fashion this year, but if you do not need it and you have what is sufficient to shine in this color you can add "T-shirt "or" Hey Cole, "for" jacket "or" coat "

Gray and comes in second place, and appears strong in Jawakt and "Suet-shirt", and fashion experts say that the color is commensurate with all the colors bright.

As the range of other colors Albastylih light and quiet, or merged with other colors such as beige and pink and fuchsia, you can also wear color Alvestakih and heavenly floral color or oil.

The trousers have appeared this season in all shapes to suit everyone, and some models are inspired by the model clothing and equestrian riders enter the historic old broad belts


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