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Without cost .. Rules for elegant appearance

The acquisition of taste is not impossible, your appearance is important not to seem grandiose or you Braank sacrificed in order to keep up with fashion, so it gives you some expert tips to get the elegant appearance:

* Encourage the current fashion of multiple layers, because it is an elegant appearance and allows for diversity and comfort, for example, a short jacket or vest with a plaid long shirt can give you a very modern view, according to the newspaper reported, "the Middle East."

There are no strict rules must be adhered to, what was appropriate in the sixties or seventies, for example can be fit for the present condition to be translated smoothly and elegantly.

* Very small things can make a dramatic impact, and here comes the role of accessories, even with a normal pair of jeans and T-shirts can wear a simple pair of shoes or an innovative piece of jewelry for the attention-grabbing banner to your appearance and increase his attractiveness.

* When the temperatures rise and humidity both, and become iron straightening is adequate and well-dried power, why not give your hair off and some rest to regain its breath, that Chdi back in a pony tail or Trfieh to the top of the form of "Hinaon", this appearance a modern and young at the same time can give you a quiet elegance in line with the atmosphere of the summer.

Do you notice how your skin recover after Tslake in the sea and become brighter and freshness? Why they are subject to natural exfoliation process by salt water. Until you get a result is almost the same, the face of a small dip a towel in hot water by the dissolved salt, then place iton your face as if it compresses for 10 minutes, then you will get the skin clean and dewy.

* Degrees of eye shadows that have been repeated in many fashion shows, which fit theatmosphere now is not the glaring emerald or turquoise, but are also scores near the skin.These colors vary from degrees of golden sand and dark copper-brown and light and the like.Grades to suit all skin types, but do not need to mix it well to get the natural look beautiful withoutmake you look that smirk. The same applies to the skin, if you want a natural look, choose antouch of powder, peach or apricot, or chestnut for distribution to the sum of the face with a focuson the


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