الأحد، 21 أغسطس 2011

High heels are back again

Fashion winter came this year loaded with you from the trousers and coats, jackets and detailed cut and luxurious wool skirts with different lengths.

Fashion that emerged in the nineties and back again in a new way more powerful and beautiful to fit a woman is confident, independent and impose itself in all areas of need without any significant effort to convince her peers efficiency

This fashion in spite of addressable intelligent women and part upscale, they will not forget you need to enter dose of femininity to this appearance of some sorrow and get it out of the official that can tend to Alastrjala in some cases, according to the newspaper "Middle East".

The experts reached a fashion accessory that can be the solution, especially the high heels, and this is what happened already, it has been offering a variety of designs varies between broad heels, and "The Ledge" and pointed that do not exceed the 4 inches.

 Despite the diversity and availability of these heels, they remain few compared to shoes with heels carved art forms, or those that affect the beholder Bvobaa rise. In both cases, contrary to its primary function is to walk in with confidence, as well as it might raise some doubts and question the personal or accompanied by intention: Is it just a self-confident and their ability to walk in these heels, or is it an exhibition or masochistic?

According to a survey of 3,000 women that the injuries they suffer because of the high heels, including a broken ankle sprains in the knee because of the height, in spite of that, six of ten of them admitted that they bear all the pain and injuries do not let go of it as long as the elegant and attract attention to them. They believe it is more important than any other accessory, for Tdfah on their appearance and shape of their bodies of femininity and elegance, and assert that the higher the effect was stronger. From this standpoint, one can say that the sales increase is a foregone conclusion, and this is reported by the market study indicates that the high percentage of footwear sales rose to countering the high heels.

It is widely believed that high heels is the way to womanhood on the one hand, and to gain the appearance of a young and dynamically cope with the rhythm of life on the other hand. When she gave birth to Gwyneth Paltrow gives birth second, for example, and wanted to return the luster to its image, which has become linked to reproduction and routine chose high boots unreasonably, did not matter that they were not able to walk out, where they were based on the arm of escorting it to get to their destination, but It is important to shine its image ..!


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